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As timber is a renewable resource and has the ability to store carbon, it was chosen as the preferred material. KLH® – CLT was used as the main element for the ceilings and walls of the building. The entire range of materials was selected with environmental sustainability in mind. An example of this is the use of the waste material from KLH® – CLT to make bespoke pieces of furniture.

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Passive Houses


A certified Passivhouse Premium

Refurbishment & Extensions


Modern architecture in the centre of St. Johann

Public Buildings


Ajolotario a pavilion with a 360-degree perspective

Public Buildings

Botanical Garden

First public facility with KLH® – CLT in Poland

Refurbishment & Extensions


3-storey extension to a 100-year-old cottage

Healthcare Buildings

Grote Kreek

The first wooden social building in the Netherlands

Public Buildings


A building that defines the cultural centre of the community.

Refurbishment & Extensions

La Tour Watt

Public Buildings

Bronx Children´s Museum

A museum that brings children closer to nature and urban culture.

Modular construction

Montessori School

A modular timber school building for primary and secondary school children

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