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Develop quantity take-offs and construction cost estimates for CLT and mass timber buildings. Cost estimates can be preliminary in nature so that a design team can evaluate the cost-competitiveness of mass timber, or very detailed in response to final or nearly final design documents. Scopes include materials, fabrication & shipping costs to the job site. In addition to CLT and fasteners, the cost estimate may also include other building components, such as primary structural connections and structural glued laminated timber member

In support of the pricing process, preliminary sizing of CLT and glulam members are estimated based on project structural requirements. Span and layup options are considered to maximize material efficiency and shipping logistics.

Consult with design team, as required. Such consultation may include member sizing based on strength, deflection, or vibration limits, connection design, and diaphragm and shear wall design.

Develop 3D building models of all CLT component panels in response to structural layout and details, including all fasteners and details of panel-to-panel connections. Modeling may include the primary structural system and connections, as required.

Produce shop drawings of the relevant project scope for review and approval of the appropriate project partners. This process will highlight any coordination concerns and opportunities for optimization in preparation for manufacture.

Release the final 3D model approved by the design team to the factory for manufacture, fabrication, packaging, and shipping. Single piece panel drawings are produced for reference, as well as any other agreed upon installation drawings.

Manage sourcing and delivery to the job site of CLT panels and all required project components, including fasteners and associated materials, and if requested, primary structural members and structural connection components.

Technical Approvals, Certificates and Eco-labels


Projects from different
categories and countries

Refurbishment & Extensions

Timber Lofts

A new four-story building and the renovation and reuse of an existing five-story industrial building

Multi-storey Residential Buildings

Le Haut-Bois

The two structures, a 9- and a 6-storey building, are connected by the unique staircase that is both open on one side and glazed on the…

Refurbishment & Extensions

The new house

Update for a 1980s house


Hotel Green Solution House 2.0

A prototype for sustainable construction


The Ritz-Carlton

Luxury in an exceptional resort

Multi-storey Residential Buildings


World´s tallest Mass Timber hybrid Building

Refurbishment & Extensions

55 Southbank | Adina Apartment Hotel

The world’s tallest mass timber vertical extension

Public Buildings

The Barcelona Library


Kulturhof Stanggass

Multi-storey Residential Buildings

Cirerers Building

A building where community takes precedence over individual needs and is environmentally friendly at the same time. This is how a sustainable future can be created.

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We provide thoughtful design solutions that are structurally and material efficient as well as ecologically appropriate, focusing on a healthy world for future generations.

Sergey David | Technician

I love the beautiful and elegant design solutions that are possible with mass timber. CLT is structurally efficient and naturally fire resistant, and is often the best choice for demanding construction schedules and challenging project sites.

Howard Thurston | Head of Engineering

Our team continually strives to provide the very best quality product, supported by a professional and personalized process. We feel integrity is critical to a successful project and a beautiful end result.

Michael Hahn | Design Director

You have the vision. We have the knowledge and material to make it a sustainable mass timber reality.

Sebastian Popp | Technical Director

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