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KLH® cross-laminated timber is made from spruce boards stacked atop each other in alternating right-angle directions. The boards are bonded using a formaldehyde-free adhesive with under high pressure to form large-format building elements.

CLT panels are used as wall, floor, and roof elements in mass timber buildings. The cross-wise structure of the longitudinal and transverse board layers provides excellent dimensional stability of the panel. Because of the large number of options for different numbers and thicknesses of layers available, specific project requirements can be closely matched to the structural capacity of an appropriate KLH® panel , thus saving material and, consequently, costs.

The lumber used in KLH® - CLT is dried to a maximum moisture content of 12% (+/- 2%). Not only does this add to the dimensional stability and overall quality of the finished product, the possibility of decay is effectively eliminated. The lumber boards used are sourced from sustainably managed forests, with either PEFC or FSC® C119602 certification available.

Production in
modern facilities.

In our modern production facilities, KLH® - CLT is custom produced for each project order. The thickness of the panels and the number and thickness of plies used depends on the structural and fire-protection requirements. On the basis of approved plans, panels are cut using state-of-the-art CNC machines. Panels are delivered directly to the construction site on a just-in-time basis, either by truck or in a shipping container. When needed, they are raised into place by the contractor using a crane according to a carefully prescribed sequence.

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Single Family Houses

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We provide thoughtful design solutions that are structurally and material efficient as well as ecologically appropriate, focusing on a healthy world for future generations.

Sergey David | Technician

I love the beautiful and elegant design solutions that are possible with mass timber. CLT is structurally efficient and naturally fire resistant, and is often the best choice for demanding construction schedules and challenging project sites.

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Our team continually strives to provide the very best quality product, supported by a professional and personalized process. We feel integrity is critical to a successful project and a beautiful end result.

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