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KLH® solid wood panels are ideally suited for load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, shear walls for lateral load resistance, floor, and roof elements. 


The crossways arrangement of the longitudinal and transverse laminations reduces the swelling and shrinkage in the plane to an insignificant minimum and static strength and shape retention increase considerably. Lumber used is dried to a maximum moisture content of 12% (+/-2%), and all individual boards must pass strict quality control checks before use.

Adhesives &
lamination process

Only very low VOC and formaldehyde-free PUR adhesives are used. Adhesives used are compliant with the heat resistance provisions of PRG 320-2018 or later.

Adhesive is applied automatically over the entire surface at approximately 0.031 psf per joint. A laminating pressure of over 12,500 psf is used during the manufacture of KLH® solid timber panels, 6 times higher than vacuum press technology. The result is a high quality structural member.

CNC - Cutting

Factory cutting takes place using state-of-the-art CNC-technology, based on approved drawings released by the project design team. Typical tolerances are +/-2mm for standard panel types, standard trimming, and a wood moisture content of 12%.

We also produce and deliver unmachined raw panels to supply third party CNC machining services, which then takes responsibility to transport the elements to the job site.
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Assembly &

Finished KLH® cross-laminated timber elements can be sequenced and scheduled for delivery to the construction site as they are needed, thereby minimizing the space required for staging the material. Once on site, panels are typically lifted into position with a crane, resulting in a predictable and efficient construction schedule.

We offer the possibility of a variety of lifting systems and hardware, depending on the panel type, panel size and surface quality, and can assist the design/construction team in selecting the best option for a particular application.

Technical Approvals, Certificates and Eco-labels


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Projects from different
categories and countries

HotelsModular construction

Twente – Family Homes

Sustainable and solid prefabricated houses

Educational BuildingsRefurbishment & Extensions

HLT Retz

The original building from the 1970s underwent an expansion with the addition of a courtyard building. This new structure seamlessly connects to the existing one, thanks…


Houten Hotel Almere

Addition to an existing restaurant with over 172 hotel rooms on four floors.

Refurbishment & Extensions

Timber Lofts

A new four-story building and the renovation and reuse of an existing five-story industrial building

Multi-storey Residential Buildings

Le Haut-Bois

The two structures, a 9- and a 6-storey building, are connected by the unique staircase that is both open on one side and glazed on the…

Refurbishment & Extensions

The new house

Update for a 1980s house

HotelsModular construction

Hotel Green Solution House 2.0

A prototype for sustainable construction


The Ritz-Carlton

Luxury in an exceptional resort

Multi-storey Residential Buildings


World´s tallest Mass Timber hybrid Building

Refurbishment & Extensions

55 Southbank | Adina Apartment Hotel

The world’s tallest mass timber vertical extension

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We provide thoughtful design solutions that are structurally and material efficient as well as ecologically appropriate, focusing on a healthy world for future generations.

Sergey David | Technician

I love the beautiful and elegant design solutions that are possible with mass timber. CLT is structurally efficient and naturally fire resistant, and is often the best choice for demanding construction schedules and challenging project sites.

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Our team continually strives to provide the very best quality product, supported by a professional and personalized process. We feel integrity is critical to a successful project and a beautiful end result.

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You have the vision. We have the knowledge and material to make it a sustainable mass timber reality.

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