Timber Arch Vol. 02

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Timber Arch
Vol. 02

Special times require special attention.

Treat yourself to some time out and enjoy the following pages with us. Thanks to the editorial support of the respective architects, we shall also show you a range of international timber construction projects in this issue.

The projects we present here are as diverse as the ways of looking at an individual project. They have just one common thread – they were all international successfully realised and show the signature style of the architects.


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On our journey through the world of timber architecture, we now find ourselves at the opening line of the fourth edition of Timber Arch. As in…


Fire protection test

KLH® – CLT has successfully passed the tests for the Australian and New Zealand markets in order to fulfil the fire protection requirements there.


Component catalogue

KLH Massivholz GmbH presents its latest innovation: the extended component catalogue, which is now available online. The revision of the catalogue aims to offer users an…


Tower of Wind

The project in the heart of Copenhagen pays homage to the world’s first meteorological observation station, the historic “Tower of Wind” in Athens.


Non-Fire Spread Classification

KLH® – CLT Exterior Walls receive Non-Fire Spread Classification in Poland


Timber Arch Vol. 03

We are all responsible for this one and future generations. If we want to combat climate change, we will have to use even more wood in…

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