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KLH US Holding Corp.
1155 SW Morrison St.
Suite #200
Portland, OR 97205

We provide thoughtful design solutions that are structurally and material efficient as well as ecologically appropriate, focusing on a healthy world for future generations.

Sergey David | Technician

I love the beautiful and elegant design solutions that are possible with mass timber. CLT is structurally efficient and naturally fire resistant, and is often the best choice for demanding construction schedules and challenging project sites.

Howard Thurston | Head of Engineering

Our team continually strives to provide the very best quality product, supported by a professional and personalized process. We feel integrity is critical to a successful project and a beautiful end result.

Michael Hahn | Design Director

You have the vision. We have the knowledge and material to make it a sustainable mass timber reality.

Sebastian Popp | Technical Director

We are there
for you.